Thank you for joining us in Canton, Ohio for the 2019 Partners Conference. Stay tuned for future conference announcements.

2019 SWANA National Conferences

WASTECON®: October 21–24, 2019 Pathway to Innovation

Phoenix Convention Center
100 N. Third Street, Phoenix, AZ

This is where innovation happens.

Shatter all impressions of what you expect WASTECON 2019 to be. We have transformed WASTECON into an executive leadership summit where we look at leadership and management concepts through the lens of municipal solid waste management. And it’s coming to you this fall, October 21–24, to the Phoenix Convention Center.
The transformation starts by giving you the tools, information and space to create a personalized learning experience that draws on the creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills of you and your team. Learn how renowned leaders and new industry voices are creating their own pathways to innovation, while you and your team work to create your own innovative and sustainable solutions for your community.